The Whithe Watch

Yesterday night we had another fire alarm in Lomas Street. It seems really that I have to learn to live with it. Like sleepy sheeps (like those that some of us were probably still counting before the fire alarm went off!) we left our rooms wearing pyjamas and yawning.

Soon they will be here, the firemen, and they will save us from this horrible noise!!

I can remember that when I was a child I have always been fascinated by the fire brigade. My uncle was a fireman and he sometimes on sunday came over with his collegues on board of the fire engine. I was then allowed to wear his helmet and clothes and play with my brother and my cousin on the engine. I must have still some pictures somewhere!

Anyway, that is why I decided to take the WHITE WATCH as my subject for my Photography Project "ONE DAY IN LIFE". These men have an important job in our society. If they would not be and we would have a real fire in Lomas Street what would we do?
I had a wonderful time at the fire station talking to them and taking pictures of them.

Dear White Watch I will never forget you!

Your sincerely

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